Get The DexterPay App

Download the app for use at the Local Spin in Parker Florida.

Note: DexterPay Store is #7116.

Our machines accept quarters, or you can download the app that will allow you to pay through credit, debit, Google, or Apple pay that will also allow you to tailor your wash cycles, know when to add additional laundry products, and will allow you to know in real time as to the process of your washer and dryer also when they are done.

Also, we run promotions through the app.

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What device do I need to use DexterPay?

DexterPay is compatible with Apple devices running iOS 10 or later and Android devices running 4.4 or later.

Download the latest version of the DexterPay app from the Apple Store!

Download the Dexter Pay App from Apple
Download the Dexter Pay App from Apple

The DexterPay app can be download from the Google store!

Download the Dexter Pay App from Google
Download the Dexter Pay App from Google

What is the DexterPay app?

Make laundry day easy with the freedom and security of DexterPay. With DexterPay you can pay securely using mobile pay, there is no need for coins. Plus, you can track the progress of every load so you know when the load will be complete. Don’t forget to check the promotions tab to see if your laundry has any active promotions that can save you money